Which Composite Decking is Best?

Composite decking is a hybrid product made up of recycled wood and plastic. Composite decking offers a long-lasting alternative to traditional timber decking and has many advantages. There are many different types of composite decking on the market at a range of price points but how do you know which composite decking is best? As with many building products, cheapest is not always best and the well-known phrase you get what you pay for is often the case with lots of building and landscaping materials. When researching composite decking and deciding which best suits your scheme and budget there are several things to look out for.

Budget and Colour
Firstly, what is your budget and what style and colour decking are you looking for. Quality composite decking like SAiGE is more expensive than traditional timber but with an expected life span of over 20 years, you are not going to need to replace it as quickly as timber decking. SAiGE also has a variety of colours and styles available.

Anti-Slip and Strength Testing
Start by looking at the test data for the composite decking boards to see how they perform in terms of strength, ant- slip properties. You will find many composite decking boards that have very low anti-slip test results and strength ratings. SAiGE composite decking boards are one of the market leaders in terms of tensile strength and anti-slip test results. Check out our test documents.

How Recycled Materials Affect the Aesthetics and Function
SAiGE composite boards are made up of 50% recycled wood fibres and 45% recycled plastic adding to their excellent strength and low water absorption rates. Many boards with a higher proportion of wood fibres or those that haven’t been mixed properly during manufacture will often have white wood flecks running through them. The higher the percentage of wood the higher the water absorption rate causing the boards to be less long-lasting and increasing the possibility of rotting. On the other hand, boards which have a high percentage of plastic content can often look quite man-made and shiny looking very different to traditional timber decking. SAiGE decking boards have a brushed finish on both sides of the boards to take off the shiny plastic effect resulting in a much higher quality finish.

SAiGE maintains an extremely high level of quality across all products. The composite decking boards are 100% quality inspected so you can be sure you’re receiving the very best quality products.

SAiGE provides powder-coated aluminium fixings for the hollow decking boards. The black powder coating means they are not visible through the gaps in the decking. Also, they will not rust. The aluminium clip system leaves approximately a 2mm gap between the boards along the length. Other composite decking brands sometimes use plastic T bracket fixings. These leave a much larger gap of approximately 5mm, are visible between the boards and can get brittle over time and break.

SAiGE Solid boards are fixed with colour coded screws which match the decking providing a discrete fixing that will not rust. SAiGE will also quote for the relevant fixings required to install the decking and you will not get any extra surprise costs when placing an order.

BALI Affiliate Exceptional Service Award Winners

SAiGE Longlife Decking Ltd are delighted to announce we are Principle Award Winners of the BALI Affiliate Exceptional Service Award for 2019.

About BALI…..

The British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) was founded in 1974 and is the UK’s leading trade association for landscaping professionals; promoting, supporting and inspiring over 900 Registered organisations and individuals, including Contractors, Designers and Affiliate members.

About the Affiliate Exceptional Service Award…..

The award that we have received is in recognition of the exceptional service demonstrated by the team at SAiGE Longlife Decking Ltd as a BALI Registered Affiliate member.  The criteria included; technical support, exceeding customer expectation, proactive involvement in BALI regional and national events, customer support and guidance, efficiency of service, product range and development, good complaint resolution procedures, flexibility in supporting budget constraints and flexibility with delivery issues.

The BALI National Landscape Awards are an annual landscaping Awards ceremony and the largest in Europe with over 1,000 BALI VIPs, members and guests in attendance in December.

About SAiGE…..

SAiGE are a part of Sino Trading Ltd whose team has more than 20 years’ experience sourcing the best quality products in China and importing them into the UK, Republic of Ireland, Europe and beyond. Based in Lower Quinton near Stratford-upon-Avon in the heart of the West Midlands, the company provides support to its customers and approved installer network throughout the UK and Ireland. The SAiGE team is split between offices in Stratford-upon-Avon, London, Ireland and Changzhou in China, enabling them to deliver high quality products at an affordable price.

SAiGE are delighted to have won such a prestigious award and to gain such huge recognition from BALI, the number one association within the landscaping sector. SAiGE Longlife Decking Ltd are providers of composite decking (along with aluminium sub-frame systems), composite fencing (including gates) and composite balustrades for both residential and commercial projects where quality is the focus of everything the company does from products to their exceptional customer service.

Specifying SAiGE products…

SAiGE Longlife Decking Ltd provide the highest quality composite decking, fencing, gates and balustrades to both residential and commercial projects.

Quality is the focus of everything we do at SAiGE.  All of our products are 100% quality inspected for colour, strength and dimensions.  The composite materials used to create the decking and fencing boards (95% of which is recycled) are fully mixed meaning there are no white flecks or points of weakness within the boards. SAiGE also have our composite boards tested by independent, world renowned testers SGS (test reports are available on our website).  Our decking is one of the UK’s market leaders in terms of its tensile strength and anti-slip results.  SAiGE fencing has undergone aggressive testing for wind resistance and passes gale force 10 testing confirming its excellent strength and durability.

There are a variety of benefits to using SAiGE composite products including: low maintenance, splinter free, easy installation and they are environmentally responsible being made from 95% recycled materials (50% recycled wood fibers & 45% recycled plastics).

SAiGE Composite Decking:

As an overview SAiGE have 2 ranges of composite decking available: our contemporary range available in a choice of hollow (for residential and light commercial use) or solid boards (for commercial projects as well as steps) in 3 colours (grey, charcoal & coffee) and our solid rustic decking range which offers a more traditional weathered look is available in a choice of grey & walnut and is suitable for both commercial and residential projects.

For a complete wood free solution we also supply aluminium subframe systems they are lightweight and easy to install making them ideal for commercial applications and particularly for balcony and roof terrace projects. SAiGE offer a range of different heights as well as adjustable and fixed head pedestals, self levelling heads and joist cradles.

Composite Fences, Gates & Balustrades by SAiGE:

Composite fences by SAiGE provide an innovative solution, the fencing system can be adapted to give a variety of heights and designs depending on the projects specifications. Both the fencing and balustrades are made up of aluminum posts and handrails finished in a powder coated anthracite grey colour with composite fence boards and spindles available in grey, charcoal & coffee to match the contemporary decking range. The fence system also incorporates a lockable gate.  The balustrade has been especially designed so there are no visible fixings creating a sleek modern finish (patent pending).

This brand-new fencing system offers a long-lasting durable fencing solution without the maintenance requirements of traditional fencing. SAiGE Composite Products will outlive traditional timber alternatives.

How to Specify SAiGE Products?

SAiGE Composite products are listed on RIBA Product Selector and accessible through NBS Plus making specifying SAiGE even easier than before. In addition to this all our test reports are listed on the SAiGE website and available for download.  SAiGE is supported by a network of distributors throughout the UK and Ireland as well as an approved installer network.

How SAiGE products can be used in garden room design?

SAiGE Longlife Decking’s composite product range has many advantages including; low maintenance requirements, excellent anti slip results, anti-fungal properties and have one of the best tensile strength ratings on the market. With busy work life schedules there is an increased demand for composite products which take the hassle out of garden maintenance.

Garden rooms are becoming increasingly popular to allow people extra space that is perhaps not afforded within the footprint of their home. Many outdoor rooms open out onto the garden with bi- folding doors. SAiGE Composite Decking can provide the perfect solution to extend the outside space beyond the garden room making the building blend in with the garden whilst providing an extended outdoor area.

The low maintenance requirements of SAiGE’s Longlife Decking, Fencing and Balustrades means our products will continue to look good for years to come. SAiGE composite products will outlive any traditional timber alternative, with a 10 year warranty and an expected lifespan of over 20 years.

SAiGE Decking is available in two styles to suit various garden designs: SAiGE Contemporary Decking available in a choice of hollow or solid boards in charcoal, grey and coffee and SAiGE Rustic Decking which are solid boards designed to give a more traditional timber effect available in grey or walnut. All of our composite products are suitable for both residential and commercial projects.

Composite Fences and Balustrades by SAiGE are a brand-new system designed to match our contemporary decking range. Just like the decking they have been designed with strength, versatility and low maintenance requirements at the forefront of their construction. Our unique system has been designed with no visible fixings in mind creating a sleek and sophisticated design. SAiGE Fences and Balustrades will outlive any traditional timber fencing and will require far less maintenance. The balustrades and fences consist of a powder coated aluminium post and rail system finished in an anthracite grey colour and composite panels and spindles in a choice of grey, charcoal or coffee.

For a complete wood free, long life solution we can also offer aluminium sub-frame systems.

How SAiGE products fit into 21st Century living…..

The modern household has very different requirements to families and households of years gone by with increasingly busy lifestyles resulting in homeowners looking for long lasting and low maintenance options for their homes and gardens.  SAiGE products are long lasting and require lower maintenance than their traditional alternatives so users can concentrate on enjoying their outside space.

Recent years have shown a huge increase in the amount of commercial developments and redevelopments. There are many studies that prove that performance, efficiency and mood are enhanced if people take breaks and spend time outside during their working day.  Companies are investing more in their outside spaces with a focus on the benefits of health and wellbeing for their employees.

Space is becoming more limited for homes and offices to be built and with an increasing population and housing shortage there is more of a need to build upwards.  SAiGE Decking is an ideal solution for roof terraces and balconies for residential and commercial projects.  The lack of space also results in modern houses being built with smaller gardens forcing people to be more creative with their outdoor space.

The modern trend is to treat the outdoor space as an extension for both home and hospitality environments.  SAiGE’s Decking is contemporary in its colours and looks and works well with modern looks such as bi-fold doors and having a seamless extension from the inside to out.  Warmer summers in the UK and Ireland gives more opportunity to utilise these outside spaces.  Creating these outdoor rooms is an investment which people are increasingly choosing and realising the long-term savings in terms of lack of maintenance and replacement costs.

To complement our decking range, we have also launched a composite fencing and composite balustrade range which highlights modern requirements of long lasting and low maintenance whilst maintaining contemporary design.  Like our decking, the systems are easy to install and clean to work with, which appeals to installers too.

Both commercial and residential customers are increasingly environmentally conscious with more and more people looking to buy recycled or recyclable products.  SAiGE’s WPC (wood plastic composite) for decking, fencing and balustrade projects are made from 95% recycled materials.  50% wood is made up of wood flour from factories making wooden furniture and the 45% plastic content is from recycled plastic bottles.

At SAiGE we work with designers as well as our broad spectrum of customers to make sure we are at the forefront of providing the right composite products as well as in the right colours as required by the UK & Irish marketplaces.

Spring has Sprung- See why Composite Decking and Fencing are this years must have!

With the daffodils in full bloom and the trees bursting with blossom it’s no wonder we are all spending those longer, lighter evening in the garden. Whether its relaxing with a glass of wine in the Spring sunshine or weeding those neglected boarders (I know I have the latter, where do all those weeds come from!)

High maintenance landscaping materials are the last thing you then want to spend more time tending too. Gone are the days of hours spent staining and painting decking and fencing…….

SAiGE Longlife Decking, fencing and balustrades have many advantages including very low maintenance requirements meaning more hours can be spent sat enjoying your garden rather than tending to it. With busy work life schedules there is an increased demand for Composite products which take the hassle out of garden maintenance. The low maintenance requirements of SAiGE Longlife decking and fencing means our products will continue to look good for years to come without the need for painting and staining as with conventional decking and fencing. SAiGE composite products with outlive any traditional timber alternative, with a 10 year warranty and an expected lifespan of over 20 years.

Not only will SAiGE decking continue to look good but it’s also one of the market leaders for tensile strength making it ideal for both residential and commercial projects. As well as this SAiGE Decking has excellent anti-slip ratings and anti- fungal properties due to its very low water absorption rates of approximately 0.8%.

SAiGE Decking is available in two styles: SAiGE Contemporary Decking available in a choice of hollow or solid boards in; charcoal, light grey and coffee or SAiGE Rustic decking which are solid boards designed to give a more traditional timber effect available in grey or walnut.

Composite Fences and balustrades by SAiGE are a brand-new system designed to match our decking ranges. Just like the decking they have been designed with strength, versatility and low maintenance requirements at the forefront of their construction.  SAiGE Fences and balustrades will outlive any traditional timber fencing and will require far less looking after.

For further details on our fencing and balustrade system please see our blog post below:


With all these advantages in mind it’s no wonder that composite landscaping products are becoming increasingly popular and offer the perfect solution to fit in with consumers busy lifestyles.

After all why spend valuable time off work maintaining your decking and fencing…….?

Brand New to SAiGE for 2019- Composite Fences, Balustrades and Gates

SAiGE has developed a revolutionary fencing and balustrade system that brings beauty and strength by providing the perfect back drop to any domestic or commercial project.

SAiGE Composite fences and balustrades are made in the same factory as our Contemporary decking range therefore undergo the same stringent quality checking processes and are manufactured in the same colours to match the SAiGE Contemporary Decking range. In addition to this the fencing boards and aluminium posts come with a full 10 year warranty.

Similarly, to SAiGE Composite Decking our new composite fencing, balustrade and gates are, low maintenance, hard wearing, easy to install and long lasting. Our composite products will outlive any traditional timber alternative.

Composite Fences by SAiGE

Composite fences by SAiGE offer a long-lasting durable fencing system. The system has the ability to be adapted to give various heights and designs depending on the customers preferences as well as retrofitting to existing concrete posts, creating a more cost-effective option. The fencing is made up of powder coated aluminium fence posts with composite board inserts. These are available in; grey, charcoal and coffee to match our contemporary decking range.

  • Dimensions / Specifications: 
    • The composite panels are 1.755m long (to work on a 1.8m centre) x 145mm high x 19.5mm deep and are made from a composite material which is 50% wood, 45% Plastic.
    • The fencing currently comes in three sizes 1.8m, 4ft and Ranch (1.2m) high
    • The posts are made from Aluminium in a powder coated anthracite grey finish. These are 2.4m and smaller posts for the 1.2m handrails should customers require them.
  • Fixing / Installation
    • We can supply baseplates that enable the fence to be attached to decking or concrete floors.
    • Our posts offer unique 3-way capabilities enabling customers to easily fit their fencing only needing one post.
    • The system is easily installed using a bottom bar, composite panel and top bar that enables fences to build quickly and easily by professionals and DIY enthusiast.
  • Testing:
    • The fencing is tested to gale force 9

SAiGE Composite Balustrade (Patent Pending)

SAiGE Composite Balustrades are suitable for every environment from commercial projects in public areas to domestic balustrades for a garden terrace.

SAiGE composite balustrades are suitable for both commercial and residential projects designed to complement new or existing composite decking. SAiGE balustrades add a smart and sophisticated feature to your decking area, giving a much-needed finishing touch.

As with SAiGE Composite fencing the SAiGE balustrade offers strength by using aluminium posts and hand rails which complement the composite spindles available in grey, charcoal and coffee. Again, these are designed to match the SAiGE Contemporary Decking range.

The balustrade is available in 1.8m x 1.2m, our uniquely designed system means the balustrade has no visible fixings. SAiGE also offers a staircase option with our unique pivot system that allows the user to create their own angles dependant on the required staircase.

As well as the composite balustrade system SAiGE can also offer:

  • Stainless steel post and tension wire system
  • Stainless steel posts and glass inserts with no top rail
  • Stainless steel post and rail system with glass inserts

SAiGE Composite Gates

SAiGE are proud to be able to offer a “no visible Fittings” composite gate that can be erected on site to enable customers to build a standard gate or create a bespoke option to fit within their own landscape project.

The SAiGE composite gate range is a well-built composite panel gate that is assembled using aluminium channels which are toughened using steel corner inserts. We can offer a snap shut lockable gate which is 1m x 1.8m, this works perfectly with the SAiGE fence system.

SAiGE composite gates are ideal for:

  • Between new and existing border fences
  • A partition fence
  • Driveways

To complement our existing decking and fencing ranges the SAiGE Composite Gates are available in: grey, charcoal and coffee.

Why choose SAiGE’s Composite Products?

Because of our reputation…

SAiGE Longlife Decking have been supplying Composite Products into the UK and Irish markets since 2010 and are proud of our reputation for providing a quality range of products at affordable prices whilst of course maintaining excellent customer service standards.  SAiGE is a family run business which is owned by parent company Sino Trading Ltd who specialise in sourcing quality products.  We are proud to be an affiliate member of BALI, the leading trading association for landscape professionals. 

Because of our quality…

SAiGE is committed to 100% quality inspection rates on all our products.  Our quality team test every batch for strength, colour, finish, weight and dimensions.  Our fencing with aluminium posts and WPC boards has been tested and withstands gale force 9 winds.  We also have external tests for our decking with independent, internationally renowned company SGS for anti-slip, flammability, chemical composition and much more – all of which we pass of course!

SAiGE’s decking and fencing boards are consistent in size and shape.  It is the same product all the way through so there is no problem with the wrap around the board peeling off.  The decking is fully mixed with no white flecks which can be points of weakness in competitors boards.  We provide a full 10-year warranty (not a limited alternative) with expected lifespan of over 20 years.

Our hollow decking is one of the market leaders of hollow decking in the UK and its load bearing capabilities means that it is suitable for light commercial projects.  SAiGE’s solid boards have been specially designed with commercial projects in mind.  Our solid decking can be used with the hollow boards to build steps and for edging which keeps the costs down.

Because of our customer service…

The SAiGE team are dedicated to providing the best possible customer experience to all of our customers.  We pride ourselves on the relationships we build and the repeat business that this provides us.

Because of the choices we offer…

SAiGE decking is available in a choice of colours as well as a choice of finishes in either contemporary and rustic options.  Our contemporary boards are available in hollow and solid decking profiles.  Our fencing and balustrade range is available in the same choice of colours as the contemporary decking range so the decking and balustrade/fencing can match if required.

Because of our commitment to product development…

SAiGE is committed to product development.  We offer a choice of contemporary and traditional looking decking in hollow and solid requested by our customers (we have even tried Green decking in the past!).  We have developed our new Composite Fences by SAiGE solution which is available in a choice of 1.8, 4foot and ranch style options.  We have worked with an engineer to develop this system that also incorporates composite balustrades and composite gates.  Patent is pending.

Because of our availability of stock…

SAiGE is committed to holding large volumes of our decking and fencing ranges in stock so that we can supply our customers demands.  We also work with distributors who are experts in SAiGE Composite Products around the UK and Ireland who have stock on the ground (and we are continually looking for people to join our distributor network).  We also have no minimum order quantity.

Because of our approved installers…

SAiGE are committed to growing an approved installer network of trained professionals who act as ambassadors of our products as well as having the knowledge to install our products.

Because composite is better than wood…

SAiGE’s composite solutions have so many advantages over traditional timber decking and fencing solutions, including the following that have not necessarily been mentioned above….

Free from splinters, free of toxic additives, easy to install, passes flammability tests, made from recycled products, low maintenance, anti-slip, low water absorption rates of up to 0.8% (eliminates warping and rotting) and many more!


Decking Trends for 2019

Where did that year go? Happy New Year everyone, we’re a few days into 2019 what trends can we expect to see this year…..

With the increasing demand for more housing and the ongoing plans for new developments we can expect gardens to continue to remain compact. With this is mind it’s important that these spaces are functional, manageable and make the most of the small area on offer.

Too Busy to Garden?

Many home owners are living increasingly busy lifestyles, juggling work, social events and family life meaning they do not have hours to spend maintaining a garden however would like to be able to enjoy the space when they do get some down time.

SAiGE Longlife Decking and Fencing provide the perfect solutions for these spaces. Not only practical and very durable SAiGE decking, also has excellent anti- slip ratings and very low maintenance requirements making it a great option for those of you with little time to spend gardening.

Bringing the inside out

You may have heard of bringing the outdoors in but in a similar fashion the inside can be brought out. Many of the design trends and colour pallets that start as interior ideas are then translated in some way into the landscaping arena.

In 2018 SAiGE Decking saw a continued increase in the popularity of the Light Grey Composite decking boards. Many people trying to find a complimentary decking to their anthracite windows. Grey’s, coffee and neutral colours have become more and more popular within the home as well as the garden.

To reflect this SAiGE’s current decking and fencing range include boards in; Light Grey, Charcoal, Coffee and Walnut.

Bold, bright colours can then be used to compliment these neutral tones, whether that’s through planting, bold statement furniture or colourful planters. With last years Pantone colour of the year Ultra Violet and this year’s colour Living Coral we expect to see this trend continuing.

SAiGE Longlife Decking in Light Grey used to create this decking area. Installation by Lifestyle Gardens.

The increased trend for open plan living and the use of bi-folding doors to open up a space has meant decking areas have become an extension of the home with designers paying special attention to creating lines which flow from the interior flooring into the decking beyond seamlessly.

Recycling and Sustainability

With Global warming at the forefront of everyone’s mind we expect to see an increase in the use of recycled materials.

SAiGE Longlife Decking uses 95% recycled materials comprising of 50% recycled wood fibres and 45% recycled plastics.

Picture Framing Decking

Although this is not a new trend for 2019 we expect this style to continue. It has become increasing popular to picture frame a decking area to add an element of interest and sometimes contrast to the space.

The picture frame effect can be in the same colour as the main decking area or in a contrasting colour.

SAiGE Longlife Decking in Charcoal with picture frame effect.

Although we can predict what 2019 will bring it will be interesting to see what trends emerge and how the year pans out.

Don’t you just love this time of year?

Don’t you just love this time of year?  As the warmer weather approaches it is time to get outside and make the most of the sunshine.  However most of us have to spend a considerable amount of time prepping the ground.   This includes any hard standing areas.  Endless hours of sanding, sealing and replacing warped decking boards.   Thankfully there are now appealing alternatives that allow you to make the most of your outside space all year round.

Introducing composite decking.   An environmentally friendly alternative to timber decking it is made from reclaimed and recycled materials including wood fibres and plastics.  With the look and feel of traditional timber decking and available in a choice of finishes it is a fantastic substitute for the real thing.  Low water absorption compared to conventional timber and reduced fungal and mould growth mean that composite decking is also slip-resistant.

Unlike real wood the boards do not splinter, are free from toxic additives and all fixings are hidden.  Incredibly child-friendly, composite decking will ensure you have a safe outdoor play area even in the winter months.

As it is lighter than timber and very easy to cut it is ideal for DIY installation.  The boards themselves are also consistent in size and shape.  Of course, you could opt for professional installation.  Just choose your colour and finish.  That’s right, there is no need to stain…and the colour really does last!

Given the longevity of the product it is cheaper than conventional wood over time.    Minimal maintenance is required as warping, splitting, woodworm and rotting are eliminated.  With an expected lifespan of over 25 years it really is a sound investment.