Brand New to SAiGE for 2019- Composite Fences, Balustrades and Gates

SAiGE has developed a revolutionary fencing and balustrade system that brings beauty and strength by providing the perfect back drop to any domestic or commercial project.

SAiGE Composite fences and balustrades are made in the same factory as our Contemporary decking range therefore undergo the same stringent quality checking processes and are manufactured in the same colours to match the SAiGE Contemporary Decking range. In addition to this the fencing boards and aluminium posts come with a full 10 year warranty.

Similarly, to SAiGE Composite Decking our new composite fencing, balustrade and gates are, low maintenance, hard wearing, easy to install and long lasting. Our composite products will outlive any traditional timber alternative.

Composite Fences by SAiGE

Composite fences by SAiGE offer a long-lasting durable fencing system. The system has the ability to be adapted to give various heights and designs depending on the customers preferences as well as retrofitting to existing concrete posts, creating a more cost-effective option. The fencing is made up of powder coated aluminium fence posts with composite board inserts. These are available in; grey, charcoal and coffee to match our contemporary decking range.

  • Dimensions / Specifications: 
    • The composite panels are 1.755m long (to work on a 1.8m centre) x 145mm high x 19.5mm deep and are made from a composite material which is 50% wood, 45% Plastic.
    • The fencing currently comes in three sizes 1.8m, 4ft and Ranch (1.2m) high
    • The posts are made from Aluminium in a powder coated anthracite grey finish. These are 2.4m and smaller posts for the 1.2m handrails should customers require them.
  • Fixing / Installation
    • We can supply baseplates that enable the fence to be attached to decking or concrete floors.
    • Our posts offer unique 3-way capabilities enabling customers to easily fit their fencing only needing one post.
    • The system is easily installed using a bottom bar, composite panel and top bar that enables fences to build quickly and easily by professionals and DIY enthusiast.
  • Testing:
    • The fencing is tested to gale force 9

SAiGE Composite Balustrade (Patent Pending)

SAiGE Composite Balustrades are suitable for every environment from commercial projects in public areas to domestic balustrades for a garden terrace.

SAiGE composite balustrades are suitable for both commercial and residential projects designed to complement new or existing composite decking. SAiGE balustrades add a smart and sophisticated feature to your decking area, giving a much-needed finishing touch.

As with SAiGE Composite fencing the SAiGE balustrade offers strength by using aluminium posts and hand rails which complement the composite spindles available in grey, charcoal and coffee. Again, these are designed to match the SAiGE Contemporary Decking range.

The balustrade is available in 1.8m x 1.2m, our uniquely designed system means the balustrade has no visible fixings. SAiGE also offers a staircase option with our unique pivot system that allows the user to create their own angles dependant on the required staircase.

As well as the composite balustrade system SAiGE can also offer:

  • Stainless steel post and tension wire system
  • Stainless steel posts and glass inserts with no top rail
  • Stainless steel post and rail system with glass inserts

SAiGE Composite Gates

SAiGE are proud to be able to offer a “no visible Fittings” composite gate that can be erected on site to enable customers to build a standard gate or create a bespoke option to fit within their own landscape project.

The SAiGE composite gate range is a well-built composite panel gate that is assembled using aluminium channels which are toughened using steel corner inserts. We can offer a snap shut lockable gate which is 1m x 1.8m, this works perfectly with the SAiGE fence system.

SAiGE composite gates are ideal for:

  • Between new and existing border fences
  • A partition fence
  • Driveways

To complement our existing decking and fencing ranges the SAiGE Composite Gates are available in: grey, charcoal and coffee.