Decking vs Paving

When it comes to designing or changing your garden there are many difficult decisions to make. One of which may be ‘which is best decking or paving?’ There are many options when it comes to decking and paving and unfortunately, there is not a ‘one size fits all’ answer. However, there are several factors to consider.


This is a very personal factor, both materials have a wide range of colours and styles available catering for both traditional and modern gardens. If you’re looking for a cleaner, simpler look decking could provide a great option whereas paving would give you the flexibility to create patterns and more intricate designs.

Ground Works and Construction

Is your garden sloped? Do you have multiple levels? Do you want an elevated area? Hopefully, these are all questions you have already started to consider.

  • Decking can be used to create multiple levels within your garden and the ground does not need to be perfectly flat when it is installed.
  • Paving slabs would need to be laid on a very level surface.
  • Decking is usually constructed with a subframe on which the decking boards are then secured, a basic decking area can take as little as a week to install whereas paving can take much longer with more groundworks required and hours of drying time in between.
  • Decking can be laid where tree roots would mean a patio could not.
  • A raised decking area can make the most of a view.
  • A patio area closer to the ground level could provide needed privacy that a raised area would not.


There are many different types of paving available from porcelain to natural stone and even concrete all with different maintenance requirements however on the whole paving is very low maintenance and hard-wearing option.

Decking on the other hand often has a reputation for being quite high maintenance. Depending on the area in which it is installed timber decking will need sanding and staining regularly to ensure it does not rot.

With this in mind, composite decking provides the perfect low maintenance option for those wishing to use decking in their garden design. Its low maintenance and has very low water absorption rates so will not rot warp or twist like traditional wooden decking. Composite decking does not require any sanding or treating, and a good power wash will keep it looking good for years after installation.

When it comes to the choice between a patio or decking area it is very much a personal preference depending on your requirements. Both decking and paving can offer affordable, hard-wearing solutions if the right product is chosen for you.

If opting for decking, Composite decking will outlive traditional timber decking and requires far less maintenance. Composite decking provides a durable hard-wearing alternative to timber decking with a much higher return on investment over the lifetime.