How SAiGE products fit into 21st Century living…..

The modern household has very different requirements to families and households of years gone by with increasingly busy lifestyles resulting in homeowners looking for long lasting and low maintenance options for their homes and gardens.  SAiGE products are long lasting and require lower maintenance than their traditional alternatives so users can concentrate on enjoying their outside space.

Recent years have shown a huge increase in the amount of commercial developments and redevelopments. There are many studies that prove that performance, efficiency and mood are enhanced if people take breaks and spend time outside during their working day.  Companies are investing more in their outside spaces with a focus on the benefits of health and wellbeing for their employees.

Space is becoming more limited for homes and offices to be built and with an increasing population and housing shortage there is more of a need to build upwards.  SAiGE Decking is an ideal solution for roof terraces and balconies for residential and commercial projects.  The lack of space also results in modern houses being built with smaller gardens forcing people to be more creative with their outdoor space.

The modern trend is to treat the outdoor space as an extension for both home and hospitality environments.  SAiGE’s Decking is contemporary in its colours and looks and works well with modern looks such as bi-fold doors and having a seamless extension from the inside to out.  Warmer summers in the UK and Ireland gives more opportunity to utilise these outside spaces.  Creating these outdoor rooms is an investment which people are increasingly choosing and realising the long-term savings in terms of lack of maintenance and replacement costs.

To complement our decking range, we have also launched a composite fencing and composite balustrade range which highlights modern requirements of long lasting and low maintenance whilst maintaining contemporary design.  Like our decking, the systems are easy to install and clean to work with, which appeals to installers too.

Both commercial and residential customers are increasingly environmentally conscious with more and more people looking to buy recycled or recyclable products.  SAiGE’s WPC (wood plastic composite) for decking, fencing and balustrade projects are made from 95% recycled materials.  50% wood is made up of wood flour from factories making wooden furniture and the 45% plastic content is from recycled plastic bottles.

At SAiGE we work with designers as well as our broad spectrum of customers to make sure we are at the forefront of providing the right composite products as well as in the right colours as required by the UK & Irish marketplaces.