Why is Landscaping Important?

Outdoor spaces whether public or private have become more and more important in recent years and it’s taken a global pandemic to bring this to the forefront. Whether its hours a day spent in an office post-COVID 19 or days of lockdown we have never appreciated outdoor spaces more. They can provide a space to exercise, to escape the working from home environment or a place to enjoy quality family time whilst socially distancing, to name a few. Outdoor areas have endless benefits. Here are our top reasons why landscaping is important:


Plants and trees have an important positive impact on the environment, they soak up carbon dioxide and other pollutants within the air whilst filling the air with additional oxygen. In a world with more cars, machinery and factories contributing to environmental pollution landscaping can provide part of the solution towards a cleaner environment. However small your area might be you can play your part in helping climate change.


There are many studies that suggest time outside can help general wellbeing, reduce stress levels and improve quality of life. With increasingly busy lifestyles, juggling work, home life and that ever-growing social calendar outdoor areas can provide peace and tranquillity away from the stresses of everyday life.  On top of this there is evidence to suggest time away from your desk, spent outside will increase efficiency.

Your Garden Can Add Value to Your Property

It’s well documented that having a nicely landscaped garden can not only add curb appeal to your property and make it more appealing to prospective buyers but it can also add value to your property. This is thought to be even more prevalent in areas of London where private outdoor spaces are becoming a commodity.

You may be thinking this is all very well but I do not have time to consider this in my own back garden…….

Many homeowners are living increasingly busy lifestyles and do not have hours to spend maintaining a garden however this no longer needs to be the case as there are many outdoor solutions that require very little upkeep so time can be spent enjoying the space when you get some downtime rather than maintaining the garden.

This is only the tip of the iceberg so to speak and there are many benefits of outdoor spaces making landscaping incredibly important for twenty-first-century living.

SAiGE Longlife decking and fencing provide the perfect solutions for these spaces. Not only are our products very durable, but they also have low-maintenance requirements making them a great option for those of you with little time to spend gardening. Their recycled wood plastic content also makes them an eco- friendly option.